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A continent of Ku

We-KuOur summer partyJoyful congress of fast friendsA precious treasure | Mike UntitledHalcyon Spring GreenNot so now the experts saySo, in Zoom we trust | Bryan Jigsaw (A true-ku)Random shapes of greenWhich lock together, or notLast piece found on ass | … Continue reading

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Hips of Kilauea Contest

Led by our senior Weekenders, teams of three created their own hulas to the tune and theme of Little Brown Gal. See the wondrous videos at our Weekend Album. Lyrics: Team Tony, Mary Jo and Erik. Went to rent a … Continue reading

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Blow, Haiku Siren, Blow!

In honor of the Cradle of the American Haiku Festival, held in Mineral Point while we rollicked, Weekenders — with Haiku Helper forms and yellow whistles on hand — announced their creations: Underwhelmed Frank Lloyd Wright’s all right Warehouse too … Continue reading

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Sonnet 17

MushVrooms Our rollicking, frolicsome, Pollocky dream She layers thinly, he is all Sakrete. Each bared our own spirit, like woodland Pucks, Through Weekend. And if we birthed no Magritte, Yet we shared full joys, loves and laughing yucks Under swaddling … Continue reading

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The Suck Up Sonnet

Dedicated humbly to the exalted, dazzling XVI GoH Talent Show Judges To what does your splendor match? Deb Dicke, You’re infused joy, like sparkling Bryan Schneider – The happy zing of a fresh lime rickey; The way of the martini: … Continue reading

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The saddest entry in Weekend history, from Deb …. Lacking No poems. No Bill. No Brie. No Dickes. No Kurt No Me. Some boozing. Some gazing. Some tubing. Some grazing. But, No pretense. No plays. And, No me. _________________ Being … Continue reading

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Poetry (?) XI

Please add your poems below or in the comments section, and vote on your favorite. Some Haikus Elizabeth: Nice! From Flor’da.  Really likes us? We’re Sally Field! Elizabethan Sonnet: What I planned to write. But then, uhk, nothing. Couplets, iambs, … Continue reading

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Poems … We got poems

___________ Pate Haiku Canard in a can melt-in-mour mouth force fed duck Don’t eat the cat food _____________ Wily Willy Weekend -Words and music by: Shakey Willy Wordsmith (aka Muddy Mississippi Mike Mikottis) The Wily Willy Weekend Willy stay, or … Continue reading

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Odes to Weekend

In the Comments Section below, please offer your vote for the 2009 Malvolian of the Year Best Poem ______ William Weekend in Wisconsin For not faint hearted Lacerated toe in Moccasin Gangrene hath started – Scott _____ I Hate Haikus … Continue reading

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I hate haikus lots | Stupid little pointless things | Wait I just did one

What, besides tolerable, would Weekend be without our Annual “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Poetry” Slam. The winner (chosen in theory by the audience but in effect by the cocktail bar) is wreathed with honor as Malvolian of the Year … Continue reading

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