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Let me tell y’all a story …

Once again unto the Vroom, dear friends. Some highlights: Newbies Fran and The Johnbon (half newbie, at least) seemed to like us. We felt very much the same. They’re in! We were shocked/shocked to discover Weekender Tommye, aka Emily Pennyfeather, … Continue reading

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The Suck Up Sonnet

Dedicated humbly to the exalted, dazzling XVI GoH Talent Show Judges To what does your splendor match? Deb Dicke, You’re infused joy, like sparkling Bryan Schneider – The happy zing of a fresh lime rickey; The way of the martini: … Continue reading

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Sunday morning profundity

From our customer satisfaction survey (“We value your opinion! — though frankly not as much as you do”): Quote whore testimonials “J’accuse WwW of being too much fun” (Deb) “I’m not doing any homework” (Bonnie. A response to being asked … Continue reading

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Top Ten of 16

Top Ten entries, in no particular order. Please add, vote, scratch your head …. You don’t even have to have a line to be a bad actor. (Mike, speaking of the skittish bit players.) This Indignation Meeting is hereby called … Continue reading

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