WiFiW 20: Re-Zoom the Zany

Laughs, haikus, Tops, costumes, improv, theater and raised glasses! From coast to coast, we did it all. Without having to ever gas up or wait for an available shower. And for the first time ever (that you know of), we recorded an entire Weekend so you can binge watch the highlights over and over.

  • Ku! We slammed a range of wondrous new poems and chose our Malvolian of 2020.
  • Underwear! We Topped ourselves yet again.
  • Dress Up contest winner: Jennifer!
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A continent of Ku

Our summer party
Joyful congress of fast friends
A precious treasure
| Mike

Halcyon Spring Green
Not so now the experts say
So, in Zoom we trust
| Bryan

Jigsaw (A true-ku)
Random shapes of green
Which lock together, or not
Last piece found on ass
| Andrea

What to do? What to do?
Time just flew
Here I am again
With no haiku.
| Elizabeth

‘I’m going to do whatever sounds good.’
Come, fill Solo cups.
Drooping peach boughs laugh and urge:
Bellini us now.
| YOS (With apologies to Omar Khayyam)

Bryan Debra CHEESE!
Friends family years of memories
John Hoffman, Thank You!
| Mary Jo

Shakespeare didn’t wear a mask.
Juliet said, dear why not?
I’m too macho, don’t you know.
She gave him a push.
| Tommye

The Robe of Humility
I know I did wrong
I washed it so many times
Get thee robe gone
| Rosemary

Haiku Pressure
The sun and the moon
Make me smile every day
Yay made a haiku
| April Bredy

Need a new usage
My casino tuxedo
I’ll wear it to church
| Erik

Heaven & Earth
Zoom since we are home
Fran is looking down on us.
We are together.
| Jennifer

The Perfume of Off
Sweating and freezing at once
Snoozing through Act Two
| Deb

Summer is here, yea
Cannot use pool. Damn Covid
So jump in the lake.
| Mick

Whistle Blower
Haiku emerging?
Why don’t you blow the whistle
It is disgusting
| Mike


And our Malvolian of 2020!

A family trait
Tribute to cuz Fran
I want your philosophy
Live without judging
| Lu


A post-Weekend lament …

Zoomed again today.
But it was not the same
No champagne, no zany, no hat,
There was none of that.
Math and death, oh joy!
To fly away one day.
| Elizabeth

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20 Tops: Knobs, hats, Hobs and more

It’s the obsession with cheese. | Talking about what we most miss about real-live Weekend, Elizabeth nailed it with an annual cheese-based quote.

You just woke me up. | Tommye on how she’s been doing lately.

Get thee robe gone! | From Rosemary’s brilliant haiku.

25% of the time you should be thinking about toilets. | Mike as an efficiency expert giving bad advice.

Sounds like a personal problem. | When a haiku emerges. From Sue.

A pirate festival? What?! | Explaining her costume, Deb thought we would let her just gloss over her past life.

I use it when I’m in the bathroom. | Tommye on a Fran hat she wears to protect herself from a ceiling air conditioning vent.

I like the little knob on top. | Please see Andrea’s hat.

He haikued in his pants. | When a poem just emerges. From Mike.

You can definitely see the Hob and Dick. | From Act 2, Scene 3 of Coriolanus, blended with a discussion on the shortness of our GoH. Which we will now be referring to as the “woolvish toge.” From Mike.

And our Top quote of 20 …

Eat them or put them in your underwear. | For the record, Sue was a kindergartener giving bad advice on not losing your keys.

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WiWwW: To Fran!

Saturday, July 25, 7p CST on Zoom.

What to pack for your WiWwW trip:

  • Dress Up Contest (Chest Level Up). Hilarious hat, whimsical wig, strange scarf? Just have your costume nearby when the party starts. And make sure it fits inside your screen. Fabulous prize for the winner!
  • The Play’s the Thing (for a bit). Learn the origin of the Gown of Humility through a nostalgic review and virtual reading that would probably have the Bard burning his quill pens to the ground.
  • Bellini Fran. We’ll be lifting our glasses to our favorite Weekender. The exact recipe for Bellini perfection remains a cherished secret, but this sounds pretty close: Peach Bellini Recipe

How to join. Just click this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83595963720. You’ll need a camera and mic on your device. Here’s some Zoom tips. (First-time set up takes a few minutes.) If there ends up being a glitch at party time, please check your email for further instruction.

And spread the word to anyone else up for some zany fun!

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A low HA! Weekend 19 on the islands

Fruity drinks, golden sun, swaying bodies (it was, after all, a stonking great Kocktail Kontest) and all the enchantment of the tropics. With far fewer of the devouring lava flows. Our Aloha Wisconsin Weekend!

The biggest Weekend troupe ever, but we all fit happily onto our paradise island in Spring Green …

Honored at our Awards Show Breakfast [new!], this year’s Weekend Winners:

  • Kona Kocktail Kontest | Fran!
  • Gown of Humility | Rosemary!
  • Funnery Sergeant, Office of Coordination and Direction | Joe*, Bryan
    • Cadet Neatfreak | Rosemary!
  • Top Ten | Mike!
  • ‘Hips of Kilauea’ hula contest | Rosemary, Jennifer, Bryan!

* Impeached by mob acclamation, upon which office devolved to runner-up

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Hips of Kilauea Contest

Led by our senior Weekenders, teams of three created their own hulas to the tune and theme of Little Brown Gal.

See the wondrous videos at our Weekend Album. Lyrics:

Team Tony, Mary Jo and Erik.

Went to rent a pontoon! We had a store in mind
Run by two local loons who didn’t like our kind.
(Refrain.) There’s no little brown hair from a little brown dog
On a little pontoon in Illinois.

So out went Mary Jo and Kurt. And Deb and Bryan too I know.
On the lake they go, but with Millie No No No.
They tried to catch a fish and caught a little sun.
Made a watery wish and had some watery fun.
They brought the pontoon back. They cleaned the rental boat.
But the loons began to crack. They cried Millie’s hairs from Millie’s coat.
Three lawyers began to vent. Ed Ludwig made a fist.
Our dog is innocent. So they made a list.
Where is the land Green and summer-like Spring?
We are very keen. Cedar Valley is just the thing.

Team Scream: Fran, Deb, Jon


We share with you a tale from a weekend past.
Our people were led by the spirit guide
Docent Bryan to the Richmond Center.
He brought them to the barren and neglected
A.D. German warehouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

They were were excited to explore the interior of
This gem, but first were led up
Winding stairs to a small dark theater.
On a television they watched the
Orientation on the history of the warehouse.

As they stood up to go, a commotion was heard.
Out of nowhere, a bat appeared and headed
Straight for Mary Jo.
With a blood curdling scream, she ran down the stairs,
Out the door and down the street, never to
Be heard from again.

The “It’s Nots”: Lu, Joe, John

It’s not the gorgeous lodge that is calling us here.
It’s not falling asleep listening to Shakespeare.
It’s the little white man in the Hawaiian shirt
Who also looks cute in his little green skirt.

It’s not the Mikottis’s cooking which is so stout.
Or Franny’s Bellini that makes us pass out.
It’s the little white gal who wore the chef’s hat,
Who worked in the kitchen and never did sat.

Outdoor on that big brown stump, playful shots at Donald Trump.
It’s so easy to understand why we show up again and again.

We’ll be leaving soon but the thrill we’ll miss
Is not the big brown lodge nor the quail but it’s this:
It’s our own kane and beautiful wahine,
Who gave up Hawaii for the Lex – Ington.

Team Rosemary, Jennifer, Bryan [Winners! Hips of Kilauea]

All About Tommye

Tommye is so fair and she hulas for me.
She has lots of flair but it’s not easy to see.
(Refrain.) It’s a little white gal in a little grass skirt
In a little wood lodge in Wisconsin.

She’s an improv blast. I’d hate to tube in her wake.
But she doesn’t know her gas from the brake.

She has the key to each and all our hearts
It’s easy to see all her hoomalimali.

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Kona Kocktail Kontest

  • Rum & Coke-O-Nut | Bryan
  • “Death in the Afternoon” | Wayne. Champagne and absinthe. A recipe Ernest Hemingway gave his Uncle Carl.
  • Hawaiian Launch. | YOS. Rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice
  • And the winner of the Kontest! Peachy Keeny Bellini. | Fran. With freshly pureed peaches – mmmmm …
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We hope you enjoyed your stay …

From the Weekend Evaluation Form: Please consider carefully how much your opinions can hurt or shame others. And then print them as legibly as possible.

The Weekend Tagline!

  • I hope I can get the Hawaiian music out of my head when I get home. | Mick
  • Weekend. It’s not just for Saturday and Sunday anymore. | Mike.
  • Impeachment works. | Unknown
  • Let’s hula. | Jennifer
  • Like sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. But with more drums. | Anon.
  • Are you well? If so, so am I. We are well together. | Wayne.
  • We are not the hula pros after all. | Andy

The moment I realized our Hawaii Weekend jumped the shark:

  • During the drum session. | Mick
  • When Mick “Julius Caesar” Maloney danced the hula | Mike
  • The minute I ate a cookie. | Mary Jo
  • Mahalo. | Unknown
  • Drum Circle. | Jennifer
  • When I took pictures of the towel hamper for sentimental reasons. | Anon.
  • Grandpa trying improv. | Alex
  • Hearing Wayne’s improv sayings. | Jon
  • When Jane Addams became a president’s wife. | Andy

More Evaluation Form commentary:

  • Blindfolded wine tasting.
  • Next year’s Weekend location: John’s House (Mick), New Buffalo (Joe)
  • More of the same, God willing. A prayer for God’s blessing on all of us to bring us together. | Wayne
  • Bigger guns, outdoor stuff, more improv games. | Alex
  • More guns and shooting things. Seriously, more game playing. Karaoke. | Jon
  • House on the Rock. Ribs. | Mike.
  • More bike riding. | MJ
  • Keep patrol/plunger job. | Jennifer
  • More relaxed time. Too many organized activities. | Fran
  • Theme ideas: Kitsch, 60s/Woodstock
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Top these, Mauna Loa.

It was not all paradise and sunshine on our Island. But it was always damnably hilarious …

  • There’s a chaw theme? | Erik, on learning we’re getting buckets.
  • That’s an NP problem. | Showing off both our grasp of high-level concepts and our inability to pack a car.
  • Vote for Joe! Vote for Joe! | Perhaps not in the Sistine. But our conclaves are more fun: They include group chants. At the election of the first Funnery Sergeant, Office of Coordination and Direction.
  • We impeached Joe. | Five hours later, our first coup. Lu made the announcement.
  • I think we made a mistake. | Fran, after seeing the results of impeachment.
  • Aren’t we where sticks come from? | Erik, on our search for a docent scepter for Bryan.
  • And he’s so professional! | Bryan frames the perfect group photo for the playgoers behind us. See photos.
  • I’m probably fixating on the wrong thing. | YOS
  • It’s probably not a good sign that there are chalk outlines of children all around. | Erik at Trail Break Pizza. See photos.
  • Please tell me Erik is wearing pants under his skirt. | Bryan’s hope.
  • Whip that out! | Fran gets demanding.
  • It’s hilly because it was cold a long time ago. | Weekender/geologist Wayne.
  • Just humor him. | A mumbled comment about YOS, during the Awards show.

Voted Top of the Tops …

  • Where’s my bra? | Rosemary wants her prize.
  • It’s like people without a vine and it’s like a farm with a provine. | Andy hard at work at improv.
  • So we need to go to Wal-Mart for ammunition and a hula hoop. | Joe’s shopping list.
  • I can’t keep it up. | Joe. With the second item on his shopping list.

And our number one Top Ten! …

  • We just need a circle and a chair! | Bucket Master Mike didn’t think it would be this challenging.

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XVIII in the rear-view mirror: On our Comedy Bus, there is no brake

Laffstock Comedy Barn Players!

The last hitchhiker has scurried off, our Groucho glasses are folded, grand meals digested and docent hat hung. But Weekend 18 lives on in our smiles. And the following posts:

Offer your thoughts and pictures on our exclusive Weekend FB page (and invite Friends to join), and enjoy a wend through Weekends past.

Fun times? You do the mirth.

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