Top Ten 2003

10) Let’s set up by the fallen tree.
(John’s suggestion, rejected silently, daily)

9) Oh, damn straight, Gary’s going to hear about this.
(Gary, president of Steak and Shake USA, wanted to hear our printed clearly comments.)

8) Everyone’s afraid of the aspic.
(Webster’s: “A clear jelly typically made of stock and gelatin and used as a glaze or garnish or to make a mold of meat, fish, or vegetables.”
Us: The goo on the stilchester. Spoken around 2:30 a.m. in Room 214.)

7) Sans moo.
(All the world’s a Steak and Shake. As Elizabeth liked it, her coffee was without cream.)

6) Faux Pho.
(What they would make at the Vietnmese diner downtown if they ran out of the real thing.)

5) Stew reminds me of soup.
(At the Vietnamese diner downtown. Context unclear.)

4) My what a pretentious bag of cheese. And look what she’s carrying.
(Bryan with the set up, Deb with the punchline.)

3) You don’t have to go around, Ed. You have a Yukon.
(Advice from Elizabeth to Ed, in response to the recognition that a lawn separated the current from a desired location.)

2) They’re where the beach towels used to be.
(Question from Deb Dicke: “Excuse me” (asked at the Target whilst attempting to accouter ourselves with swimming finery) “but can you tell me where the swimsuits are?”)

1) Excuse me, but I didn’t order the falafel.
(Or mayhap these be so-called “hash browns” referenced in the menu of victuals. {Spoken while breaking fast at the Steak and Shake.} )

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