What our Weekenders are saying …

Tagline Suggestions:

  • Friends become family | Julie [Winner!]
  • Weekend – Ever changing, always a blast
  • Drift Less | Joe
  • Let’s do it again next year | Mick
  • A bucolic spectacle – now with more all-terrain vehicles! | A Friend.
  • Don’t count your chips before the end.
  • Let’s gamble: Addictions are great! | Fred
  • You will enjoy it a lot if you don’t get shot. | Dave
  • Rosemary – the champagne of Italy | MJ
  • The house took my money, but not my family | Alex
  • Now with septic vents! | YOS
  • Go all in if you want to go to bed. | Alex
  • The most complicated way to have fun, bar none!
  • Hot hot hot | Erik Nazar
  • Open the windows and let me in | Tommye

Before coming this Weekend, I was sure I would embarrass myself by:

  • Blocking up the “loo” | Julie
  • Saying something I’d regret
  • Overeating | Joe
  • Not knowing what we were doing | Mick
  • Not bringing everything for Saturday dinner. | Rosemary
  • Wandering from my room to the shower while underdressed. | A Friend.
  • Being the Booby – did it!
  • Not knowing how to play craps. | Fred
  • Pretty much everything. | Dave
  • Forgetting to flush the toilet. | MJ
  • Forgetting my pills and other absolutely needed stuff. | Wayne
  • Stinking up the bathroom. | Alex
  • Showing up wearing a Hawaiian shirt and hula skirt.
  • Not looking good! | Tommye
  • Sleeping around like a dime store floozy | YOS
  • Not knowing how to play. | Alex


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