Topping off 21

  • Who needs Deb Dicke? | Said entirely in sour-grapes jest, we assure you, as Bryan carried on the Cheese Tradition. Deb, we miss you — come back!
  • Did someone just join us? | Alex H very quietly when we realized there was one more silhouette than we expected in the darkness.
  • I’ve done this before. I should know better.
  • Moronis: The dimmest star in the constellation Dufus.
  • We may be a pharmacy right here. | Sharon, when Tommye realized she didn’t bring her pills
  • The trees started choking the prairies, encroaching. | Docent Grace
  • Art circles and spotlights? Or silos and septic vents? | Urban vs. rural perspectives perhaps.
  • I hope your favorite color isn’t blue. | Jennifer
  • Be taller!
  • He could knock a buzzard off a sh*t wagon with his smell | Traditional
  • The man in the black box made me do it. | Jennifer explaining her dancing
  • Tips! Tips! Tips!
  • Hot table
  • Where’s my bathroom?
  • You can still impeach him, by the way. | Referring to Funnery Sgt Fred on Sunday morning
  • Blink blink blink.
  • If there were a winner for place, I would have cleaned up for Kangaroo Trainer
  • The table was cold!
  • Why do they call it Little Joe?

And the Top of 21 …

  • Not to change the subject, but is that a septic field? | Jennifer
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