A continent of Ku

Our summer party
Joyful congress of fast friends
A precious treasure
| Mike

Halcyon Spring Green
Not so now the experts say
So, in Zoom we trust
| Bryan

Jigsaw (A true-ku)
Random shapes of green
Which lock together, or not
Last piece found on ass
| Andrea

What to do? What to do?
Time just flew
Here I am again
With no haiku.
| Elizabeth

‘I’m going to do whatever sounds good.’
Come, fill Solo cups.
Drooping peach boughs laugh and urge:
Bellini us now.
| YOS (With apologies to Omar Khayyam)

Bryan Debra CHEESE!
Friends family years of memories
John Hoffman, Thank You!
| Mary Jo

Shakespeare didn’t wear a mask.
Juliet said, dear why not?
I’m too macho, don’t you know.
She gave him a push.
| Tommye

The Robe of Humility
I know I did wrong
I washed it so many times
Get thee robe gone
| Rosemary

Haiku Pressure
The sun and the moon
Make me smile every day
Yay made a haiku
| April Bredy

Need a new usage
My casino tuxedo
I’ll wear it to church
| Erik

Heaven & Earth
Zoom since we are home
Fran is looking down on us.
We are together.
| Jennifer

The Perfume of Off
Sweating and freezing at once
Snoozing through Act Two
| Deb

Summer is here, yea
Cannot use pool. Damn Covid
So jump in the lake.
| Mick

Whistle Blower
Haiku emerging?
Why don’t you blow the whistle
It is disgusting
| Mike


And our Malvolian of 2020!

A family trait
Tribute to cuz Fran
I want your philosophy
Live without judging
| Lu


A post-Weekend lament …

Zoomed again today.
But it was not the same
No champagne, no zany, no hat,
There was none of that.
Math and death, oh joy!
To fly away one day.
| Elizabeth

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