20 Tops: Knobs, hats, Hobs and more

It’s the obsession with cheese. | Talking about what we most miss about real-live Weekend, Elizabeth nailed it with an annual cheese-based quote.

You just woke me up. | Tommye on how she’s been doing lately.

Get thee robe gone! | From Rosemary’s brilliant haiku.

25% of the time you should be thinking about toilets. | Mike as an efficiency expert giving bad advice.

Sounds like a personal problem. | When a haiku emerges. From Sue.

A pirate festival? What?! | Explaining her costume, Deb thought we would let her just gloss over her past life.

I use it when I’m in the bathroom. | Tommye on a Fran hat she wears to protect herself from a ceiling air conditioning vent.

I like the little knob on top. | Please see Andrea’s hat.

He haikued in his pants. | When a poem just emerges. From Mike.

You can definitely see the Hob and Dick. | From Act 2, Scene 3 of Coriolanus, blended with a discussion on the shortness of our GoH. Which we will now be referring to as the “woolvish toge.” From Mike.

And our Top quote of 20 …

Eat them or put them in your underwear. | For the record, Sue was a kindergartener giving bad advice on not losing your keys.

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