A low HA! Weekend 19 on the islands

Fruity drinks, golden sun, swaying bodies (it was, after all, a stonking great Kocktail Kontest) and all the enchantment of the tropics. With far fewer of the devouring lava flows. Our Aloha Wisconsin Weekend!

The biggest Weekend troupe ever, but we all fit happily onto our paradise island in Spring Green …

Honored at our Awards Show Breakfast [new!], this year’s Weekend Winners:

  • Kona Kocktail Kontest | Fran!
  • Gown of Humility | Rosemary!
  • Funnery Sergeant, Office of Coordination and Direction | Joe*, Bryan
    • Cadet Neatfreak | Rosemary!
  • Top Ten | Mike!
  • ‘Hips of Kilauea’ hula contest | Rosemary, Jennifer, Bryan!

* Impeached by mob acclamation, upon which office devolved to runner-up

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