Balloting is now open

Please carefully review (and snigger at) the following Top candidates and then cast your ballot for your favorites in the “Leave A Comment” section. Feel free to add another candidate there, too.

A) If you’ve crossed the Mississippi, you’ve probably gone too far. (Mike, based on a true story during the trip home. No, there is no Dubuque, Wisconsin.)

b) I believe in pleasure units! (Andrea)

C) You’re lucky I didn’t have my bare ass on that one. (Andrea, shortly after the sublime sound of a whoppee cushion echoed through the ballroom.)

D) Go tell them we blew a fuse in the ballroom. (Utterer unknown. From Deb.)

E) Why can’t anyone make a decision? (Alex — so wise so young. From Deb.)

F) Peel! Peel! G-dam it! (Chris, in between bellowed accusations of cheating by Team Red. From Deb.)

G) Is there an event for sucking? (Bryan. From Deb.)

H) Worst idea: Flag run. Best idea: Bananagram. Runner Up: Caption Slam. (Sharon [?])

I) If it’s not extreme, I won’t do it. (Steve. Too bad they didn’t have extreme showers at the lodge … No-no, we kid, we kid!)

J) You are already all winners. (Beth. Nice try, but.)

K) Caption Slam — best event. (Beth)

L) No U-Turn: Breaking the law! (Beth)

M) Dodgeville: What the hell? (Quoth Deb, in reference to painted-over Farrah Fawcett signature. From Beth)

N) Chris you’re next. (Robert the Doll. From Beth)

O) Well, we did put the button on him and made the sign … but he was here. (Bryan, referring to Newbie Weekender R the D.)

P) Sweet at first, then sour. (Alex, referring to self.)

Q) Do you have some crackers? (Chris got hungry while cars left the parking lot. For the record, the nervous occupants claimed they did not. From Alex.)

R) I’m a good listener. (Ribbon assertion. From Amy.)

S) Princess power. (Amy.)

T) Can you take the dead body in the woods when you leave? (Amy.)

U) I wasn’t gonna, until you said “”Blow chunks.”” (In response to Make’s question whether the roller coaster car ride was going to make anyone blow chunks. From Mike.)

V) OK, let’s move the cheese out! (Mike.)

W) NPR Presents The Soothing Musings of B. Schneider. (What are those vocal chords made of anyway, warm butter melted on velvet? From John.)

X) Guys, what about the swale!? (Safety Officer Andrea doesn’t want any twisted ankles. From John.)

Y) Seriously, you are going to have to stop that. (Chris, presumably supine and in near whisper, apparently not appreciating his 11:55a wake-up call courtesy of Alex, a microphone and an amplifier. From John.)

Z) That’s not bug spray. It’s Easy Off Oven Cleaner. (Mike at APT. From Bryan)

AA) Sure, I never mind a little Cockburn. (And variations of same. It is believed Scott introduced us to this game.)

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6 Responses to Balloting is now open

  1. John Hoffman says:

    OK, I’ll get the voting started. My picks, starting from the top: Q, C, G, E, Y, X, N, W, B, A.

  2. Deb says:

    C, G
    I especially like C because it is as if
    a whoopee cushion situation would be
    the big concern if her ass was bare.

  3. Mike Mik says:

    You are all wrong! The correct answer is:
    E C AA G I T Z

  4. Bryan says:

    V Z E, in that order

  5. Steve says:

    B, G, P, T, Z, AA, and I.

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