Hips of Kilauea Contest

Led by our senior Weekenders, teams of three created their own hulas to the tune and theme of Little Brown Gal.

See the wondrous videos at our Weekend Album. Lyrics:

Team Tony, Mary Jo and Erik.

Went to rent a pontoon! We had a store in mind
Run by two local loons who didn’t like our kind.
(Refrain.) There’s no little brown hair from a little brown dog
On a little pontoon in Illinois.

So out went Mary Jo and Kurt. And Deb and Bryan too I know.
On the lake they go, but with Millie No No No.
They tried to catch a fish and caught a little sun.
Made a watery wish and had some watery fun.
They brought the pontoon back. They cleaned the rental boat.
But the loons began to crack. They cried Millie’s hairs from Millie’s coat.
Three lawyers began to vent. Ed Ludwig made a fist.
Our dog is innocent. So they made a list.
Where is the land Green and summer-like Spring?
We are very keen. Cedar Valley is just the thing.

Team Scream: Fran, Deb, Jon


We share with you a tale from a weekend past.
Our people were led by the spirit guide
Docent Bryan to the Richmond Center.
He brought them to the barren and neglected
A.D. German warehouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

They were were excited to explore the interior of
This gem, but first were led up
Winding stairs to a small dark theater.
On a television they watched the
Orientation on the history of the warehouse.

As they stood up to go, a commotion was heard.
Out of nowhere, a bat appeared and headed
Straight for Mary Jo.
With a blood curdling scream, she ran down the stairs,
Out the door and down the street, never to
Be heard from again.

The “It’s Nots”: Lu, Joe, John

It’s not the gorgeous lodge that is calling us here.
It’s not falling asleep listening to Shakespeare.
It’s the little white man in the Hawaiian shirt
Who also looks cute in his little green skirt.

It’s not the Mikottis’s cooking which is so stout.
Or Franny’s Bellini that makes us pass out.
It’s the little white gal who wore the chef’s hat,
Who worked in the kitchen and never did sat.

Outdoor on that big brown stump, playful shots at Donald Trump.
It’s so easy to understand why we show up again and again.

We’ll be leaving soon but the thrill we’ll miss
Is not the big brown lodge nor the quail but it’s this:
It’s our own kane and beautiful wahine,
Who gave up Hawaii for the Lex – Ington.

Team Rosemary, Jennifer, Bryan [Winners! Hips of Kilauea]

All About Tommye

Tommye is so fair and she hulas for me.
She has lots of flair but it’s not easy to see.
(Refrain.) It’s a little white gal in a little grass skirt
In a little wood lodge in Wisconsin.

She’s an improv blast. I’d hate to tube in her wake.
But she doesn’t know her gas from the brake.

She has the key to each and all our hearts
It’s easy to see all her hoomalimali.

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