We hope you enjoyed your stay …

From the Weekend Evaluation Form: Please consider carefully how much your opinions can hurt or shame others. And then print them as legibly as possible.

The Weekend Tagline!

  • I hope I can get the Hawaiian music out of my head when I get home. | Mick
  • Weekend. It’s not just for Saturday and Sunday anymore. | Mike.
  • Impeachment works. | Unknown
  • Let’s hula. | Jennifer
  • Like sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. But with more drums. | Anon.
  • Are you well? If so, so am I. We are well together. | Wayne.
  • We are not the hula pros after all. | Andy

The moment I realized our Hawaii Weekend jumped the shark:

  • During the drum session. | Mick
  • When Mick “Julius Caesar” Maloney danced the hula | Mike
  • The minute I ate a cookie. | Mary Jo
  • Mahalo. | Unknown
  • Drum Circle. | Jennifer
  • When I took pictures of the towel hamper for sentimental reasons. | Anon.
  • Grandpa trying improv. | Alex
  • Hearing Wayne’s improv sayings. | Jon
  • When Jane Addams became a president’s wife. | Andy

More Evaluation Form commentary:

  • Blindfolded wine tasting.
  • Next year’s Weekend location: John’s House (Mick), New Buffalo (Joe)
  • More of the same, God willing. A prayer for God’s blessing on all of us to bring us together. | Wayne
  • Bigger guns, outdoor stuff, more improv games. | Alex
  • More guns and shooting things. Seriously, more game playing. Karaoke. | Jon
  • House on the Rock. Ribs. | Mike.
  • More bike riding. | MJ
  • Keep patrol/plunger job. | Jennifer
  • More relaxed time. Too many organized activities. | Fran
  • Theme ideas: Kitsch, 60s/Woodstock
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