Top these, Mauna Loa.

It was not all paradise and sunshine on our Island. But it was always damnably hilarious …

  • There’s a chaw theme? | Erik, on learning we’re getting buckets.
  • That’s an NP problem. | Showing off both our grasp of high-level concepts and our inability to pack a car.
  • Vote for Joe! Vote for Joe! | Perhaps not in the Sistine. But our conclaves are more fun: They include group chants. At the election of the first Funnery Sergeant, Office of Coordination and Direction.
  • We impeached Joe. | Five hours later, our first coup. Lu made the announcement.
  • I think we made a mistake. | Fran, after seeing the results of impeachment.
  • Aren’t we where sticks come from? | Erik, on our search for a docent scepter for Bryan.
  • And he’s so professional! | Bryan frames the perfect group photo for the playgoers behind us. See photos.
  • I’m probably fixating on the wrong thing. | YOS
  • It’s probably not a good sign that there are chalk outlines of children all around. | Erik at Trail Break Pizza. See photos.
  • Please tell me Erik is wearing pants under his skirt. | Bryan’s hope.
  • Whip that out! | Fran gets demanding.
  • It’s hilly because it was cold a long time ago. | Weekender/geologist Wayne.
  • Just humor him. | A mumbled comment about YOS, during the Awards show.

Voted Top of the Tops …

  • Where’s my bra? | Rosemary wants her prize.
  • It’s like people without a vine and it’s like a farm with a provine. | Andy hard at work at improv.
  • So we need to go to Wal-Mart for ammunition and a hula hoop. | Joe’s shopping list.
  • I can’t keep it up. | Joe. With the second item on his shopping list.

And our number one Top Ten! …

  • We just need a circle and a chair! | Bucket Master Mike didn’t think it would be this challenging.

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