Fun Knee: Evaluating 18

Quote whoredom: Our Weekend Tagline

  • You just might wet yourself! | Bryan
  • The hugs are free! After you sign a waiver.
  • Deb’s reference to the owner said it all | Bob
  • So funny Deb will wet herself | Mike [Authorized 19 motto]
  • Thanks, John, ya done good! | Wayne
  • The future is now, be yourself | MJ
  • Enjoy our exciting gravel beds! | YOS

What’s the punchline? (Extra credit for referring to a fellow Weekender or feature of XVIII.)
The set up: “And the first thing I said to the surgeon after waking up from the operation was …

  • … lettuce, tomato, no onion, mayo on the side.” | Mike
  • … Doctor, how do I get this Bryan Schneider off my head?” | YOS
  • … I don’t care what Lu told you. I’m not Jewish.” | YOS
  • … it was my left arm that was broken, you goof!” | Wayne
  • … do I still have my humors? I have to participate in Deb’s improv seminar.” | MJ
  • … did you wash your hands before you started?” | Bob
  • … why was your hand there?” | Bob
  • … did Mike find his ducks?” | DD
  • … slow the f*** down.” | DD

Some thoughts/suggestions for 19

  • Zip Zap Zop ziplines | Mike
  • White Sox ballgame | Wayne
  • Breakfast cheese course. Consider scheduling with the Perseids if Weekend viewing is advantageous | Bryan
  • Water fun | MJ
  • Don’t let John do the planning | Bob
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