Blow, Haiku Siren, Blow!

In honor of the Cradle of the American Haiku Festival, held in Mineral Point while we rollicked, Weekenders — with Haiku Helper forms and yellow whistles on hand — announced their creations:

Frank Lloyd Wright’s all right
Warehouse too much dust and must
Who needs the dumb bat
    . Tommye | Malvolian of the Year

Bean There; Done That
Thou must mind the Bunn
Else thy pot runneth over
Thou hast wet thyself
    . DD | Silver Medal

First time Weekender
Looking forward to some fun
Great times with loved ones
    . Jennifer | Bronze Medal – Tie

 Wright Direction | A Bryku
We start with no guide
From the womb self-docenting
Where’s Bryan Schneider?
    . YOS | Bronze Medal – Tie

 + + +

Hunting lodge is nice
Not good for the animals
Eat corn no read meat
    . Mick

Mary Jo kitchen
Food always so tasty
Join us for some fun
    . Sharon

See Last Line
Opinions? You bet.
Traffic, cookies, jelly beans
Orchestrated rant
    . Deb

Cedar Valley Lodge
Brought us all from our homes
Food! Wine! Improv! Friends!
    . Tommye

Road trip
The date was now set
Spring Green is the next stop
Ready Set Let’s Go
     . Sharon

All the World’s
Just me and a chair?
Clock ticks. Stares. No printed sheet?
* Gulp * Planet Improv
    . YOS

Hey Doodle!
No. This isn’t right
Everybody turn around
Bucolic gridlock
    . Deb

At Cedar Valley
With a bunch of weird people
Amused and confused
    . Ed

You want to what
Oh for the improv
Let loose and let your hair down
A good time for all
    . Sharon

The syllable count.
My place in the bathroom line.
Both five seven five.
    . YOS. From “Haiku Helper”

Ha! Ha! Haiku
Meteor oh my!
The sky was quite a beauty
Tonight was the best
    . MJ, Lu, Fran, Jen, Tommye, Wayne, Mick.
      A Spiteku by the non-play goers to mock those up the Hill

Friday Night
Silent Sentinels
Late Lights Streaking Sky Wonders
Early Light White Dawn
    . Mike

Bump Trump
Trump is a road bump
So hold on till he is gone
Our people save us
    . Wayne

I need a haiku
Love you to the moon and back
Happy to be here
    . Lu

Reflections on the bathroom habits of cows
pie pie pie pie pie
cows can come and cows can go
pie pie pie, pie pie
    . Mike

New pup in the home
And he won our hearts quickly
And likes his friend Jake
    . MJ

G—- : Renku! Haiga!
We’ve all got our own problems.
Lou Gehrig managed.
    . Deb. See “HSA Midwest News – July 2018”

Our Flyku!
Keep your spirits up
The father also rises
You can’t be grounded
    . The Collective. To Joe

Our Comedy Barn
Laugh passed hand to hand
Hitchhiked through dice and docent
Good friends all thumbs up!
    . YOS. Post-end wrap up

Afterku Haibun
On Sunday, a legation of Weekenders visited the Cradle of the American Haiku Festival in Mineral Point. We were admonished there – crossed forearm X for emphasis – that the English language is now considered too heavy for 5/7/5. Mooooon, throoough. Whatever that means. We shall ultimately ignore this warning. Meantime …

Cotton candy despair.
Ghosts of dead rainbows
On my tongue
    . DD | Haibun variation on a theme from Frogpond 37:2

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