Poems (?)

Best Declining RSVP Award

Dismal solitude.
Journey halted. Absent from
Weekender revel.
– Elizabeth H.

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  1. Deb Dicke says:

    Arrggh…nooooo. And I was bringing my new Perez Prado so that you could translate it for me.

    So now Debra must merenge alone.


  2. Beth & Chris Hage says:

    Haiku inventor
    Must have had seven fingers
    On one of his hands

  3. Beth & Chris Hage says:

    Fire up the blender
    We appreciate real fruit
    Don’t forget sake!
    (Note: that is “sake” as in the polysyllabic Japanese wine!)

  4. Beth & Chris Hage says:

    For your pleasure – I call it “Rhyming Fibonacci”:

    (2)Laughs last
    (3)Must be slow –
    (5)Can you calculate with telemetry?
    (8)You should all recognize from the very beginning;
    (13)That there is no greater medium than the combination of math and poetry.
    (21)We should give it a new name – something like “mathetry” or “poemath” or something really catchy… how about poemathizzle or mathezepoeimming?

  5. John Hoffman says:

    If these poems are not brought to life with performance during the official slam, Muses, I assure you, will weep.

  6. Deb Dicke says:

    Please think of Peter Cooke’s vicar as you read this……

    A Weekender’s Thanksgiving

    As we rinse the algae from our swimsuit crotches
    As we dig the rich Wisconsin earth from under our toenails
    As we scrub the smell of Limburger from our fingertips

    Let us give thanks.

    For armloads and blenders, Fibonaccis and FIBs*
    For spacious bathrooms that are not steamy

    For vodka gimlets and stagnant tubes, liverwurst and young coconuts
    For sitcom Shakespeare amidst monochromatic cows

    Oh, let us rejoice in Aristophanes and also the sublime
    And the look of childlike wonder as a new GoH owner is born

    But most of all, dear weekenders, let us be truly grateful
    That we are John Hoffman Family and Friends.


    *F#%king Illinois B*#@tards

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