The exciting Wisconsin news is we should have a grill available for us for our pre-play dining, either at the party cabin or the theater.

As is our custom, Your Obedient Servant will provide for the main course and necessary implements (cutlery, napkins, etc.). And Mike’s promised us a fabulous Saturday riverside breakfast. We’ll probably ask a few bucks per person for food, etc.

Basically, we’re about a dozen of us. So whatever else (sides, etc) everyone can bring would be great for Friday night. On Saturday night, we’ll probably hit a supper club.

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4 Responses to Vittles

  1. mjm says:

    I’ll make a side dish – pasta salad or some such. And cookies

  2. Deb Dicke says:

    I’ll bring deviled eggs and s’more fixin’s in case we can bonfire it near the party cabin.

    Even though it goes without saying, I’ll say it: and some cheese.

  3. amy says:

    Humm… I was thinging about making a yumming nut/dried fruit mix… just something to munch on during the festivities.

  4. Beth & Chris Hage says:

    If it pleases the crowd, we will bring a green salad and some wine to help us get through the tough parts in the iambic pentameter recitations.

    I think it would only make sense to provide some fabulous fruits for the blender… I am thinking pineapple, mango, and banana. And how about some shredded coconut? That never hurt anyone. Unless s/he opened said coconut with a particularly sharp implement while drunk on a boat.

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