Weekend 14: What a show

The year we learned of the new charms of our old friend Bloomington.  Beth once again killed with her Kulm Kocktail Kontest winner.  We found the hidden gems of the Mackinaw Winery, Lucca pizza, an Art Deco church and one of the best performances we’ve ever seen.  Congratulations GoH winner Chris Hage.

Top Tens

That killed in Spring Green. (Our attempts to entertain at the Ewing Estate ended with mixed results. DD)

A Dither in Burr House.  (Deb’s suggested title for the book version of our jaunt.)

Mary Ann still needs to talk with you.  (Surly lodge owner not happy with his guests.  Deb thankfully averted the lecture.)

Burr House is a very very very old house … Paint peeling off the walls. Dust bunnies in the halls … With two guys in the yard. Not working very hard … With mold spores in the rugs, look out for those bed bugs.  (Apologies to CSNY.  The Collective.)

Thus Blows the Grand Seigneur.  (Those Victorians sure knew how to use a parlour.  As well as a bag of floor and laps.)

I just dinglebelled my shorts. (The dangers of removing a jester hat while holding a glass of wine. JH)

I won’t poop until Thursday. (Yes, Deb did bring lots of great cheeses.  MJ)

The petulant jester.

They need to be de-muffed. (MJM2)

Bioluminescence! … No paparazzi!  (Quoth the pre-four-year-old.  Ike)

Griffin!! (The uncanny Hage charades mind meld)

The Pazzi Conspiracy did not include Ralph Malph. (Bryan)

Chris:  I’m going to go out on some pants.
Mike:  Please.

I’m sorry for terrifying you. (Woman at park after remotely unlocking her car while we walked by.)

Looks good … (Burr House owner’s announcement upon bringing out breakfast: Was never clear if she intended an exclamation point or a question mark.)

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