Eleven’s Top Ten

Please add more entries and vote on your favorites for Top Ten XI.

(A) Shhhhh!(An especially snobby and bossy crane foundation visitor, with her advice to a Weekender contingent. From Elizabeth)

(B) I will go to bed and cease to be your entertainment.  (Chris in the center of the smoking rotunda, just after being awakened by the laughter that followed a sleep nod.  From Elizabeth)

(C) It’s like looking at the dead popes. (Bryan and/or Mike, upon viewing the microbrewery in the basement through the floor windows of the Corner Pub/Bakery/Brewery.  From Elizabeth)

(D) A baby likes the beach that allowz daddy to have special drinkz (From Isaac Hage)

(E) “Isaac, you are a handsome baby.” (Said almost everybody.  From Isaac)

(F) Baaaa — goats head over the fireplace (From Isaac)

(G) If cranes are on your bucket list, check it off now. (Quoth Bryan)

(H) I don’t think a horse is an ungulate. (Said Chris)

(I) Listen, sha-rew!

(J) Don’t worry, I’m not looking at your wife’s ass … even though it’s in my face.  (John to Chris.  We were playing Twister.  From Jaime)

(K) Kris Humphries lookalike in the play.  (From Abby)

(L) The shrimp.  (From Abby)

(M) Silly bands.  (From Abby)

(N) Now, what’s the rules to the game? (The universal question for retro game night.  The secret answer was:  Huh, rules?  From Mary Jo.)

(O) “The one problem is that the oven’s been leaking gas from a lot of different places.” (Lodge owner admonition after their kitchen remodeling.)

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