Top Ten 2006

Weekend Top Ten, or Three, or Whatever It Takes

The Full Cleveland
Who isn’t an idiot?
Tewkesberry Slushies

Top Ten Reasons Why Weekend With William is Better Than A Trip To Europe (Submitted by Weekender Mike)

10. Getting bombed means something different here
9. Don’t have to compete with ducks in Enlarged Liver contest
8. It’s $3972.00 cheaper
7. Two-and-a-half hours after you leave the house: Tarmac at O’hare vs. Lawn Chair at Ewing Manor
6. Still Chester After All These Years
5. Deodorant
4. Hotel room keys fit in your wallet
3. If you forget something you can just drive back and get it.
2. Pretentious cheese comes with handy labels, in English
And the #1 reason…
1. Bring all the gel you want!

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