Poetry 2006

Bragging Wrights

Expectation laden I with weary writing tool fashion-conscious thoughts
Not too enlightened minds stimulation or pause
But soul leeward seeking only recognition
Again too Basque in past and future imagined glories
Beret cocked and goat tea drinking wino that I be
We bragging wrights of words and rites and rights
Pro and con test entering fools
Ripe now pick-me-up, up to heaven, pick me.
— Mike M.

Unnamed Fibonacci

1) rhyme
1) mood
2) not me
3) but structure
5) I can work with that
8) who really thinks the play’s the thing?
13) there’s one or two here. But they won’t admit it, will they?
21) of course it’s the good food, good drink, good friends and making a complete ass of yourself.
— K. Dicke

Who am I?

I was thinking just the other day
I’ve really come a long long way
Old Milwaukee and Cheetos were a treat
Jerry Springer’s show could not be beat
Then along came a guy named John
Who said come to Bloomington
Now it’s framboise and sheep’s milk cheese
And pooh poohing the choice of Pericles
— D. Dicke

Who are we?

Bryan, Kurt, Debra
Oh, and another John and Sharon
And this guy that I don’t know that comes down tomorrow.
— D. Dicke

Beats Me
(A Somewhat Sonnet, on the occasion of Weekend With William, the Sixth of that name)

Begin the spin: Friends, blowhards, funny men, blend
Me a Rum Runner (extra rum). I come not
To praise us, but to mock. How is it we wend
From “wherefore”, “thine” and strange cross-gartered plot –
To glowing lake and Yukon shortcut? No beret
And snifter crowd, we. But, stink – what bag,
Pretentious, through yonder tub emits? To frappe
This mix of high and low sans reflex gag:
For best results, clump it all and hit puree.
We pulse and crumb, and liquefy Prosperos
Against the timbers of a Grady; or fold a
Faux Pho with Elizabethan heroes.
Can one great word totally explain us?
Methinks ’tis this: Cornholioanus.
— YOS (John H.)

Unnamed Fibonacci

Us Two
Yes We go
Plan, Do, and We
Everyone together having fun
Hoping and wishing for some [unreadable] do,
— Sharon II

The Brylenderku

[Sound of blender turned on and off, five times, then seven times, then five again.]
— Bryan
(Recipient, Grand Prize Rubber Chicken Award)


Who would have thunk it
A nice breeze at the Ewing
Wow that was quite nice
— Bryan

Yi Yi,
I am the
Frito bandito
— presented by Kurt

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