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A low HA! Weekend 19 on the islands

Fruity drinks, golden sun, swaying bodies (it was, after all, a stonking great Kocktail Kontest) and all the enchantment of the tropics. With far fewer of the devouring lava flows. Our Aloha Wisconsin Weekend! The biggest Weekend troupe ever, but … Continue reading

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Hips of Kilauea Contest

Led by our senior Weekenders, teams of three created their own hulas to the tune and theme of Little Brown Gal. See the wondrous videos at our Weekend Album. Lyrics: Team Tony, Mary Jo and Erik. Went to rent a … Continue reading

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Kona Kocktail Kontest

Rum & Coke-O-Nut | Bryan “Death in the Afternoon” | Wayne. Champagne and absinthe. A recipe Ernest Hemingway gave his Uncle Carl. Hawaiian Launch. | YOS. Rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice And the winner of the Kontest! – Peachy Keeny … Continue reading

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We hope you enjoyed your stay …

From the Weekend Evaluation Form: Please consider carefully how much your opinions can hurt or shame others. And then print them as legibly as possible. The Weekend Tagline! I hope I can get the Hawaiian music out of my head … Continue reading

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Top these, Mauna Loa.

It was not all paradise and sunshine on our Island. But it was always damnably hilarious … There’s a chaw theme? | Erik, on learning we’re getting buckets. That’s an NP problem. | Showing off both our grasp of high-level … Continue reading

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