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Sonnet 17

MushVrooms Our rollicking, frolicsome, Pollocky dream She layers thinly, he is all Sakrete. Each bared our own spirit, like woodland Pucks, Through Weekend. And if we birthed no Magritte, Yet we shared full joys, loves and laughing yucks Under swaddling … Continue reading

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Top Tens of Seventeen

“What the hell, Odell?” (Tommye, with an update of “To wander around.”) +++ “That’s not retro. It’s what it is.” (Mick’s observation of the Café 110 décor – and winner of the Most Insightful Comment about Art and Life award.) … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Seventeen

Testimonial mottos “Nope.” (From Deb. Inspiration: Bryan) “We put the Weak in Weekend!” (Mike)  He did it again! (Success of WwW, from Wayne) “Yesterday’s memories, tomorrow’s repressions.” (Bryan) Darkest impulses/thoughts that raced through our minds At some point, stop counting. … Continue reading

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Ballistic Mizzle

If memory serves: 6 parts lemonade 2 parts whiskey 1 part cinnamon schnapps A muddle of mint – YOS

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Weekend 17: Getting artsy with it

From PT’s barbecue to the wonders of Allerton, from half-naked acting to our grand mansion vrooms, it was a Weekend to remember. And thanks to our master teacher, we all came home with priceless fungal souvenirs to keep the memories … Continue reading

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