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Poems … We got poems

___________ Pate Haiku Canard in a can melt-in-mour mouth force fed duck Don’t eat the cat food _____________ Wily Willy Weekend -Words and music by: Shakey Willy Wordsmith (aka Muddy Mississippi Mike Mikottis) The Wily Willy Weekend Willy stay, or … Continue reading

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Why We Love Weekend

Quote Whore Quotes X: Cedar Valley Lodge: Now with Clam Pit! (Beth) It’s Worth the Mosquitoes (Beth) Something to do when you really don’t have anything else to occupy your time (Steve) Brought out the hunter in me (Melissa) Ejaculating … Continue reading

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Top This: The Official Weekend X Top Ten

Top Ten for 2010. 1) Q. You mean there are drinks that don’t have alcohol in them? A. Yes, those are called “mixers”. (Mike with the Q. Hage with the A.) 2) Bivalves don’t wear hats. (Chris deconstructing “Clam, I … Continue reading

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