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Tell the Muses what you really think of them

Friday is I Can’t Believe It’s Not Poetry Night. The winner (chosen by the audience, usually without regard to skill or sobriety on anyoneís part) is named Malvolian of the Year and earns a minimally interesting gift award. Any form … Continue reading

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The “Weekend’s Got No Talent” Contest

There’s no doubt, lined up side to side and head to toe, we Weekenders have just as much talent as any randomly chosen cross-section of any Westernized nation. Let’s prove that to ourselves! Contest Rules Rules for the first annual … Continue reading

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Clams and more

The Weekend highlight will be Saturday’s authentic clambake. Weekenders Mike and Bryan are taking the lead for us. We’ll probably hit local eateries Friday and Saturday afternoon and figure out a breakfast strategy. More to follow closer to W-Day.

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Shall we meet up at Hoffman House on Friday (the 13th) at 10 in the morning? Plenty of diversions shall usher us up to the lodge. Feel free to use this blog for other travel related discussions, too, for example, … Continue reading

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