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Topping off 21

Who needs Deb Dicke? | Said entirely in sour-grapes jest, we assure you, as Bryan carried on the Cheese Tradition. Deb, we miss you — come back! Did someone just join us? | Alex H very quietly when we realized … Continue reading

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20 Tops: Knobs, hats, Hobs and more

It’s the obsession with cheese. | Talking about what we most miss about real-live Weekend, Elizabeth nailed it with an annual cheese-based quote. You just woke me up. | Tommye on how she’s been doing lately. Get thee robe gone! … Continue reading

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Top these, Mauna Loa.

It was not all paradise and sunshine on our Island. But it was always damnably hilarious … There’s a chaw theme? | Erik, on learning we’re getting buckets. That’s an NP problem. | Showing off both our grasp of high-level … Continue reading

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From soup to nuts: Our Tops of 18

Try to Top these: Now that’s how you keep the bears away. | Weekender Wayne likes show tunes. Submitted by the non-play goers. Trip Soup | Entrée at Shifflet’s Riverside menu: ‘One Trip Soup & Salad Bar.’ (‘Waiter, can you … Continue reading

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Top Tens of Seventeen

“What the hell, Odell?” (Tommye, with an update of “To wander around.”) +++ “That’s not retro. It’s what it is.” (Mick’s observation of the Café 110 décor – and winner of the Most Insightful Comment about Art and Life award.) … Continue reading

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Top Ten of 16

Top Ten entries, in no particular order. Please add, vote, scratch your head …. You don’t even have to have a line to be a bad actor. (Mike, speaking of the skittish bit players.) This Indignation Meeting is hereby called … Continue reading

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Top Ten XV

Vote now for your favorites or add new ones in the Comments section: 1. “When Pushkin comes to shovekin.” – Mike (submission: Beth) 2. “Why did you come here? … Towanda around.” – Tommye (submission: Deb) 3. “Do you remember … Continue reading

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Weekend 14: What a show

The year we learned of the new charms of our old friend Bloomington.  Beth once again killed with her Kulm Kocktail Kontest winner.  We found the hidden gems of the Mackinaw Winery, Lucca pizza, an Art Deco church and one … Continue reading

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Twelve’s Top Tens

This year, we live blogged our Top Ten entries, or live-boarded them at least, thanks to Chris’s flip chart.  Add more and choose your favorites …. A) You can ferment almost anything (Mike.  Noted most every year past, too.) B) … Continue reading

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Eleven’s Top Ten

Please add more entries and vote on your favorites for Top Ten XI. (A) Shhhhh!(An especially snobby and bossy crane foundation visitor, with her advice to a Weekender contingent. From Elizabeth) (B) I will go to bed and cease to … Continue reading

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