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What our Weekenders are saying … Tagline Suggestions: Friends become family | Julie [Winner!] Weekend – Ever changing, always a blast Drift Less | Joe Let’s do it again next year | Mick A bucolic spectacle – now with more … Continue reading

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We hope you enjoyed your stay …

From the Weekend Evaluation Form: Please consider carefully how much your opinions can hurt or shame others. And then print them as legibly as possible. The Weekend Tagline! I hope I can get the Hawaiian music out of my head … Continue reading

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Fun Knee: Evaluating 18

Quote whoredom: Our Weekend Tagline You just might wet yourself! | Bryan The hugs are free! After you sign a waiver. Deb’s reference to the owner said it all | Bob So funny Deb will wet herself | Mike [Authorized … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Seventeen

Testimonial mottos “Nope.” (From Deb. Inspiration: Bryan) “We put the Weak in Weekend!” (Mike)  He did it again! (Success of WwW, from Wayne) “Yesterday’s memories, tomorrow’s repressions.” (Bryan) Darkest impulses/thoughts that raced through our minds At some point, stop counting. … Continue reading

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Sunday morning profundity

From our customer satisfaction survey (“We value your opinion! — though frankly not as much as you do”): Quote whore testimonials “J’accuse WwW of being too much fun” (Deb) “I’m not doing any homework” (Bonnie. A response to being asked … Continue reading

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Weekend XI wrap-up: Games, smells, muddling, smoke and gas

Good Friends All! Weekend XI has been officially declared a success.  Thanks to all for the laughs, great food, wondrous beverages (Deb’s excepted, of course), and lots of grand memories …. And, as always, special shoutout to Weekender Johno for … Continue reading

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Why We Love Weekend

Quote Whore Quotes X: Cedar Valley Lodge: Now with Clam Pit! (Beth) It’s Worth the Mosquitoes (Beth) Something to do when you really don’t have anything else to occupy your time (Steve) Brought out the hunter in me (Melissa) Ejaculating … Continue reading

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From the Customer Evaluation Form

Quote whoring: You can visit Wisconsin and leave your firearms at home. (Andrea) I’ve participated in Weekends of all kinds in my adult career. This sets the standard for Williams. Tour de force! (Deb) Who’s in charge of all this … Continue reading

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User Comments 2005

More quote whore testimonials I truly enjoyed hovering over the cheese buffet table. What goes on here stays here (for the most part) Let’s open another bottle of wine. You could easily spend thousand more and not have a better … Continue reading

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