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A low HA! Weekend 19 on the islands

Fruity drinks, golden sun, swaying bodies (it was, after all, a stonking great Kocktail Kontest) and all the enchantment of the tropics. With far fewer of the devouring lava flows. Our Aloha Wisconsin Weekend!

The biggest Weekend troupe ever, but we all fit happily onto our paradise island in Spring Green …

Honored at our Awards Show Breakfast [new!], this year’s Weekend Winners:

  • Kona Kocktail Kontest | Fran!
  • Gown of Humility | Rosemary!
  • Funnery Sergeant, Office of Coordination and Direction | Joe*, Bryan
    • Cadet Neatfreak | Rosemary!
  • Top Ten | Mike!
  • ‘Hips of Kilauea’ hula contest | Rosemary, Jennifer, Bryan!

* Impeached by mob acclamation, upon which office devolved to runner-up

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Hips of Kilauea Contest

Led by our senior Weekenders, teams of three created their own hulas to the tune and theme of Little Brown Gal.

See the wondrous videos at our Weekend Album. Lyrics:

Team Tony, Mary Jo and Erik.

Went to rent a pontoon! We had a store in mind
Run by two local loons who didn’t like our kind.
(Refrain.) There’s no little brown hair from a little brown dog
On a little pontoon in Illinois.

So out went Mary Jo and Kurt. And Deb and Bryan too I know.
On the lake they go, but with Millie No No No.
They tried to catch a fish and caught a little sun.
Made a watery wish and had some watery fun.
They brought the pontoon back. They cleaned the rental boat.
But the loons began to crack. They cried Millie’s hairs from Millie’s coat.
Three lawyers began to vent. Ed Ludwig made a fist.
Our dog is innocent. So they made a list.
Where is the land Green and summer-like Spring?
We are very keen. Cedar Valley is just the thing.

Team Scream: Fran, Deb, Jon


We share with you a tale from a weekend past.
Our people were led by the spirit guide
Docent Bryan to the Richmond Center.
He brought them to the barren and neglected
A.D. German warehouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

They were were excited to explore the interior of
This gem, but first were led up
Winding stairs to a small dark theater.
On a television they watched the
Orientation on the history of the warehouse.

As they stood up to go, a commotion was heard.
Out of nowhere, a bat appeared and headed
Straight for Mary Jo.
With a blood curdling scream, she ran down the stairs,
Out the door and down the street, never to
Be heard from again.

The “It’s Nots”: Lu, Joe, John

It’s not the gorgeous lodge that is calling us here.
It’s not falling asleep listening to Shakespeare.
It’s the little white man in the Hawaiian shirt
Who also looks cute in his little green skirt.

It’s not the Mikottis’s cooking which is so stout.
Or Franny’s Bellini that makes us pass out.
It’s the little white gal who wore the chef’s hat,
Who worked in the kitchen and never did sat.

Outdoor on that big brown stump, playful shots at Donald Trump.
It’s so easy to understand why we show up again and again.

We’ll be leaving soon but the thrill we’ll miss
Is not the big brown lodge nor the quail but it’s this:
It’s our own kane and beautiful wahine,
Who gave up Hawaii for the Lex – Ington.

Team Rosemary, Jennifer, Bryan [Winners! Hips of Kilauea]

All About Tommye

Tommye is so fair and she hulas for me.
She has lots of flair but it’s not easy to see.
(Refrain.) It’s a little white gal in a little grass skirt
In a little wood lodge in Wisconsin.

She’s an improv blast. I’d hate to tube in her wake.
But she doesn’t know her gas from the brake.

She has the key to each and all our hearts
It’s easy to see all her hoomalimali.

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Kona Kocktail Kontest

  • Rum & Coke-O-Nut | Bryan
  • “Death in the Afternoon” | Wayne. Champagne and absinthe. A recipe Ernest Hemingway gave his Uncle Carl.
  • Hawaiian Launch. | YOS. Rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice
  • And the winner of the Kontest! Peachy Keeny Bellini. | Fran. With freshly pureed peaches – mmmmm …
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We hope you enjoyed your stay …

From the Weekend Evaluation Form: Please consider carefully how much your opinions can hurt or shame others. And then print them as legibly as possible.

The Weekend Tagline!

  • I hope I can get the Hawaiian music out of my head when I get home. | Mick
  • Weekend. It’s not just for Saturday and Sunday anymore. | Mike.
  • Impeachment works. | Unknown
  • Let’s hula. | Jennifer
  • Like sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. But with more drums. | Anon.
  • Are you well? If so, so am I. We are well together. | Wayne.
  • We are not the hula pros after all. | Andy

The moment I realized our Hawaii Weekend jumped the shark:

  • During the drum session. | Mick
  • When Mick “Julius Caesar” Maloney danced the hula | Mike
  • The minute I ate a cookie. | Mary Jo
  • Mahalo. | Unknown
  • Drum Circle. | Jennifer
  • When I took pictures of the towel hamper for sentimental reasons. | Anon.
  • Grandpa trying improv. | Alex
  • Hearing Wayne’s improv sayings. | Jon
  • When Jane Addams became a president’s wife. | Andy

More Evaluation Form commentary:

  • Blindfolded wine tasting.
  • Next year’s Weekend location: John’s House (Mick), New Buffalo (Joe)
  • More of the same, God willing. A prayer for God’s blessing on all of us to bring us together. | Wayne
  • Bigger guns, outdoor stuff, more improv games. | Alex
  • More guns and shooting things. Seriously, more game playing. Karaoke. | Jon
  • House on the Rock. Ribs. | Mike.
  • More bike riding. | MJ
  • Keep patrol/plunger job. | Jennifer
  • More relaxed time. Too many organized activities. | Fran
  • Theme ideas: Kitsch, 60s/Woodstock
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Top these, Mauna Loa.

It was not all paradise and sunshine on our Island. But it was always damnably hilarious …

  • There’s a chaw theme? | Erik, on learning we’re getting buckets.
  • That’s an NP problem. | Showing off both our grasp of high-level concepts and our inability to pack a car.
  • Vote for Joe! Vote for Joe! | Perhaps not in the Sistine. But our conclaves are more fun: They include group chants. At the election of the first Funnery Sergeant, Office of Coordination and Direction.
  • We impeached Joe. | Five hours later, our first coup. Lu made the announcement.
  • I think we made a mistake. | Fran, after seeing the results of impeachment.
  • Aren’t we where sticks come from? | Erik, on our search for a docent scepter for Bryan.
  • And he’s so professional! | Bryan frames the perfect group photo for the playgoers behind us. See photos.
  • I’m probably fixating on the wrong thing. | YOS
  • It’s probably not a good sign that there are chalk outlines of children all around. | Erik at Trail Break Pizza. See photos.
  • Please tell me Erik is wearing pants under his skirt. | Bryan’s hope.
  • Whip that out! | Fran gets demanding.
  • It’s hilly because it was cold a long time ago. | Weekender/geologist Wayne.
  • Just humor him. | A mumbled comment about YOS, during the Awards show.

Voted Top of the Tops …

  • Where’s my bra? | Rosemary wants her prize.
  • It’s like people without a vine and it’s like a farm with a provine. | Andy hard at work at improv.
  • So we need to go to Wal-Mart for ammunition and a hula hoop. | Joe’s shopping list.
  • I can’t keep it up. | Joe. With the second item on his shopping list.

And our number one Top Ten! …

  • We just need a circle and a chair! | Bucket Master Mike didn’t think it would be this challenging.

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XVIII in the rear-view mirror: On our Comedy Bus, there is no brake

Laffstock Comedy Barn Players!

The last hitchhiker has scurried off, our Groucho glasses are folded, grand meals digested and docent hat hung. But Weekend 18 lives on in our smiles. And the following posts:

Offer your thoughts and pictures on our exclusive Weekend FB page (and invite Friends to join), and enjoy a wend through Weekends past.

Fun times? You do the mirth.

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From soup to nuts: Our Tops of 18

Try to Top these:

Now that’s how you keep the bears away. | Weekender Wayne likes show tunes. Submitted by the non-play goers.

Trip Soup | Entrée at Shifflet’s Riverside menu: ‘One Trip Soup & Salad Bar.’ (‘Waiter, can you carelessly walk this around again to make sure it’s been properly tripped?’) Copy of Strunk and White and an armload of hyphens are being rushed over.

Why would you go to Richland Center? | Lodge Owner Jennifer, mystified

I’ve handled fifth graders before. | Lon, our patient to-a-point Richland Center guide.

It used to be a strip club. | Guide Lon, when asked if Honker’s Supper Club is recommended. Submitted by Bryan

It comes from rain. | Ed. Submitted by Bryan

The entire weekend was beyond my expectation … The food was terrible, the conversations were not funny, the people were not friendly. Let’s do it again next year. | “Bob” (possible actual initials: MM)

Directionally challenged caravans | DD

“Turn around.” | See above.

How do you spell Hi Cue? Or Hi Q? | Submitted by Wayne

You drove in from where last night? | No cancelled flight is going to hold back Weekender Bryan, not when there’s a Hertz and two Israeli hitchhikers in Cleveland available.

Zip! Zap! Zop! | MJ. Let word go forth of the newest Weekend tradition, ha-ha warm-ups to take place following the mandatory Friday reading of the Articles of War.

Biggest tragedy since the Taliesin murders. | Imagined headline if the Weekend stargazers had been less nimble.

I don’t want to play anymore. And you need to get me out of here. | Weekender Tommye offers to give up her LRC seat to another player. But the tightly packed seats did not wish to cooperate.

And when two lovers woo, they still say woo-woo-woo. | At Mike’s Café Americain.

The only sance available was a Renai. | Bryan on Detroit. Submitted by Mike

I don’t see very well. | Driver Tommye breaking the news to her hitchhiker.

Did you bring the cheese, Deb? | At Weggy’s, Sharon with the annual cheese conveyance quote.

Mentholated wines. | Sometimes local products are better left to the locals.

The Mick Move. | When asked how the ashy chardonnay tastes while still at the winery, inconspicuously rub your upper lip before ending with index finger pointing down.

X. | Poet in Mineral Point non-verbally expressing his opinion of the traditional haiku formula. (See “Afterku”)

Voted Top of the Tops:

Why are you asking me? I’m not the docent. | Bryan has been vested with the Docent-of-the-Day emblems of office; YOS is feeling liberated. Submitted by Ed.

I’ve been ginned. | Sharon’s announcement of victimhood on Saturday night.

Is that Mistor Fog? | Soup or salad? Spoken English can get tricky.

I have to finish the other half. | Ed had been called back early by his Name Game team while taking a – break.

What the hell is the Constitution, let alone the Preamble … Who the hell is the Lt. Governor of Illinois? And why? | Some of the test takers of the “Know Your Government” GoH contest did not impress Principal Hoffman. Submitted by Wayne

Has Mike seen his ducks? | First comment by Lodge Owner Jeff — about photos for a stamp contest — after nearly transforming four Weekenders into speed bumps on their Perseid-watching gravel bed. Submitted by Bryan

Slow the f*** down! | Deb’s blurt immediately preceding the duck query (see above).

We’ve graduated from dithering to equivocating. | Ed, in Richland Center

You were right to wet yourself. | Not satisfied as only Camp Comedy Coach, Deb entertained us with more than one fluid-based episode. Starting on the driveway in Glen Ellyn.

And by acclamation – The #1 Top:

“Which one is the brake?” | Nursing home escapee Tommye, after her hitchhiker Sharon pleaded for a break from their disturbing road trip

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Blow, Haiku Siren, Blow!

In honor of the Cradle of the American Haiku Festival, held in Mineral Point while we rollicked, Weekenders — with Haiku Helper forms and yellow whistles on hand — announced their creations:

Frank Lloyd Wright’s all right
Warehouse too much dust and must
Who needs the dumb bat
    . Tommye | Malvolian of the Year

Bean There; Done That
Thou must mind the Bunn
Else thy pot runneth over
Thou hast wet thyself
    . DD | Silver Medal

First time Weekender
Looking forward to some fun
Great times with loved ones
    . Jennifer | Bronze Medal – Tie

 Wright Direction | A Bryku
We start with no guide
From the womb self-docenting
Where’s Bryan Schneider?
    . YOS | Bronze Medal – Tie

 + + +

Hunting lodge is nice
Not good for the animals
Eat corn no read meat
    . Mick

Mary Jo kitchen
Food always so tasty
Join us for some fun
    . Sharon

See Last Line
Opinions? You bet.
Traffic, cookies, jelly beans
Orchestrated rant
    . Deb

Cedar Valley Lodge
Brought us all from our homes
Food! Wine! Improv! Friends!
    . Tommye

Road trip
The date was now set
Spring Green is the next stop
Ready Set Let’s Go
     . Sharon

All the World’s
Just me and a chair?
Clock ticks. Stares. No printed sheet?
* Gulp * Planet Improv
    . YOS

Hey Doodle!
No. This isn’t right
Everybody turn around
Bucolic gridlock
    . Deb

At Cedar Valley
With a bunch of weird people
Amused and confused
    . Ed

You want to what
Oh for the improv
Let loose and let your hair down
A good time for all
    . Sharon

The syllable count.
My place in the bathroom line.
Both five seven five.
    . YOS. From “Haiku Helper”

Ha! Ha! Haiku
Meteor oh my!
The sky was quite a beauty
Tonight was the best
    . MJ, Lu, Fran, Jen, Tommye, Wayne, Mick.
      A Spiteku by the non-play goers to mock those up the Hill

Friday Night
Silent Sentinels
Late Lights Streaking Sky Wonders
Early Light White Dawn
    . Mike

Bump Trump
Trump is a road bump
So hold on till he is gone
Our people save us
    . Wayne

I need a haiku
Love you to the moon and back
Happy to be here
    . Lu

Reflections on the bathroom habits of cows
pie pie pie pie pie
cows can come and cows can go
pie pie pie, pie pie
    . Mike

New pup in the home
And he won our hearts quickly
And likes his friend Jake
    . MJ

G—- : Renku! Haiga!
We’ve all got our own problems.
Lou Gehrig managed.
    . Deb. See “HSA Midwest News – July 2018”

Our Flyku!
Keep your spirits up
The father also rises
You can’t be grounded
    . The Collective. To Joe

Our Comedy Barn
Laugh passed hand to hand
Hitchhiked through dice and docent
Good friends all thumbs up!
    . YOS. Post-end wrap up

Afterku Haibun
On Sunday, a legation of Weekenders visited the Cradle of the American Haiku Festival in Mineral Point. We were admonished there – crossed forearm X for emphasis – that the English language is now considered too heavy for 5/7/5. Mooooon, throoough. Whatever that means. We shall ultimately ignore this warning. Meantime …

Cotton candy despair.
Ghosts of dead rainbows
On my tongue
    . DD | Haibun variation on a theme from Frogpond 37:2

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Fun Knee: Evaluating 18

Quote whoredom: Our Weekend Tagline

  • You just might wet yourself! | Bryan
  • The hugs are free! After you sign a waiver.
  • Deb’s reference to the owner said it all | Bob
  • So funny Deb will wet herself | Mike [Authorized 19 motto]
  • Thanks, John, ya done good! | Wayne
  • The future is now, be yourself | MJ
  • Enjoy our exciting gravel beds! | YOS

What’s the punchline? (Extra credit for referring to a fellow Weekender or feature of XVIII.)
The set up: “And the first thing I said to the surgeon after waking up from the operation was …

  • … lettuce, tomato, no onion, mayo on the side.” | Mike
  • … Doctor, how do I get this Bryan Schneider off my head?” | YOS
  • … I don’t care what Lu told you. I’m not Jewish.” | YOS
  • … it was my left arm that was broken, you goof!” | Wayne
  • … do I still have my humors? I have to participate in Deb’s improv seminar.” | MJ
  • … did you wash your hands before you started?” | Bob
  • … why was your hand there?” | Bob
  • … did Mike find his ducks?” | DD
  • … slow the f*** down.” | DD

Some thoughts/suggestions for 19

  • Zip Zap Zop ziplines | Mike
  • White Sox ballgame | Wayne
  • Breakfast cheese course. Consider scheduling with the Perseids if Weekend viewing is advantageous | Bryan
  • Water fun | MJ
  • Don’t let John do the planning | Bob
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A wend through Weekends past

Like an internal organ distending with undiagnosable fluid, the Weekend tradition just keeps getting greater:


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