Getting Campy | Weekend 23

Weekend 23: We carried moonbeams home in a wine bottle — and such joy-filled memories from Camp SwingStar:

Pics! And be sure to check and add to our the Camp SwingStar Memory Album and FB Page

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Twinkler Tops

I’m a cycle behind. | Erik’s t-shirt spoke of our originally planned theme. Or is it looking ahead?

Tell him to stop flashing me. | Sue E. Reference is to a camera light btw.

Who’s holding my pants? | Tommye, as we helped her down the fire pit ramp

Who asked for a solo? | Tommye, noting Dave’s robust singing

People like you shouldn’t have to deal with those lowbrows. | John Hamby correctly assessing our Pontoonical experience.

I see the cupholder but where would I put my champagne flute? | Bryan, speculating what we might have said to the pontoon owners to lead them to think we’re “your kind.”

MJ: We’re going to do burpees. John: Okay, I already did two. | Practice ones count, right?

He doesn’t know how to build stairs. | Tommye, on FLLW’s rusticated approach

I’m not a sweet person. | Jen. We believe the reference was to taste in drinks.

Write a tune about mentholated bread. | Erik’s suggestion to get in the spirit of lyric creation.

John: Why don’t we have a working lunch. Erik: Yeah, that sounds like a vacation. | For the record, John Hoffman was on the winning Musical Collaboration team.

No tomato? Who would make a stupid sandwich like that? | John H…n

There’s a lot of creative shit to do. | Brett’s observation as haikus were being pushed.

Just let it ooze out of you. | John H…n’s advice to Brett.

Blow it out your annular whole. | John H…n. Looking for rhyming words, though we’ve forgotten to what.

Take your chair with ya! | MJ’s guidance for Potato Head losers.

You ruined Mr. Potato Head! | Bryan, seeing the poor fellow careening this way and that.

Okay, let’s present our buns. | Bryan, speaking of food serving.

This isn’t the end of the night? | Sue had been hopeful before John H…n announced, “Before the evening is over, we’re going to …”

What a punt | John H…n, noting an unusually deep wine bottle indentation.

I have a feeling I’ll be sent to an island. Or an apartment in Saudi Arabia. | Erik’s concern as his Funnery Counselor term came to an end.

And voted Top Top …

As I didn’t get to see everyone’s weenie last night … | Mike during his medal presentation.

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Kocktails 23

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Twinkle on


Everyone’s a winner at Camp SwingStar. Some just more than others:

Special congratulations and thanks to:

  • Funnery Counselor | Erik
  • Counselor Neatfreak | Fred

From the Official Evaluation

The Weekend tagline. A quote-whore slogan for our Souvenir Booklet and merchandising. Example: “Weekend: How Does This Keep Happening to Us?”

  • What a week this Weekend was! | Vince
  • I’m busy that weekend. | Mike
  • Camping without campy | MJ
  • Less traumatic than Bloomington
  • I gave up a perfectly good weekend for this?  Brett
  • Newcomers beware! Cassie
  • Are we that desperate to do this yearly?
  • Where dreams remain | John H … n
  • Not many dead
  • I thought you brought the tent
  • A creative time to be a part of a group of friends I look forward to every year. Jennifer
  • Wasn’t that something. | Bryan. Winner!

We asked our Twinklers to tell us: Possible badge activity that I’m most relieved wasn’t offered at camp, since I knew I’d have no chance of earning it:

  • Necklace making | Brett
  • Talent show | Tommye
  • Social competence | John H…n
  • Slack rope walking | Mike
  • High jumping | Vince
  • Sober Badge | Cassie
  • Bug eating Contest
  • Tap Dancing
  • Being on Time
  • Knitting
  • Organizing the whole weekend (You do a great job!). | Sue
  • Survival. | Jen

Suggestions for next year

  • Field trip to Spring Green Preserve. | Brett
  • Mick and Lu and Spinas a must. | MJ
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
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Slamming it in 23

Counselors Note: Twinklers evidently cleaned up too scrupulously and regrettably several entries unfortunately did not make it out of the lodge.

Rain falls down outside
I keep drinking booze soaked fruit
The world seems more better


Frank Wright had a gift.
Designed many structures all right.
Were they good or not?

  • Tommye

To craft is divine
Made so much better with wine
Now it’s time to shine!

  • Cassie


Ballroom Floor/Bedroom Ceiling
Wrapped in REM dream, I –
Tippy tap tip tap tip tap
Boot camp eight fifteen.

  • John Hoffman


Burn us poy-tay-toe
Cleanse these Twinklers with fire
Only one survives

  • Unknown


I worked in a hospital
With chick named MJ
We’d biked, ran and skied
On an occasional day

I met her friends and family
Over the years
And some that were here
And some way OUT there

She talked of a trip
She wanted to go
She said there were people
She’d like me to know

MJ had assured me
They were all very hip
I found a group of oddballs
Who I accompanied on the trip

We rode through the island
Well known as Sicily
When over in Europe
we were filled with glee

The moment we got back here,
I thought we were done
But then we had dinner
That was lots of fun

We all talked about riding
We all gave high-fives
Then after we had eaten
We all said goodbyes

There was one guy while biking
I will not now name
Who had dealt with my nonsense
And thought I was lame

I figured I had it
In this group I was in
But here I remain
Though ice very thin

Thanks for the invite
To this rumble and tumble
I appreciate the people
I remain very humbled

  • John Hamby
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When Weekend got pulled into Funky Town

The password is … Groovy.

From the drama of Tender and Tumultuous Times to classic game show fun, it was the year Weekenders found themselves time warped into a 1970s television programming line-up. But we kept one foot in the present with funky poems, retrospectives and tops.

We toured the only Frank Lloyd Wright public elementary school, enjoyed a high-end TV dinner by MJ and magnificent Indian meal by Sachin, played find-the-ranger to get our picnic shelter unlocked (thanks a lot, Pat). There were fabulous prizes and hilarious answers from our contestants and celebrities, marvelous cocktails throughout, and the first-ever Zoomed Gown of Humility garbing.

See all the fab fun in our photo album including the freak-deakiest class photo ever. And remember to check our our page on this futuristic thing called Facebook.

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Jive talkin Tops

Just your name. | MJ after Rob asked what as a newbie he should share with the group

Pie Today (?) | MJ

What the hell are you even doing? Why are you bothering? | Ed, watching John cut off tiny slivers of quiche.

The first part is pants on. The second part is often pants off. | Bryan

Pat. | Our surly, inefficient, officious, indoor-smoking ranger.

Mighty Casey struck out. | Wayne entertained us while we tried coping with Ranger Pat’s nonsense.

Stop offering things you don’t want to do. | Deb’s advice to John

Why develop it if you don’t like it? | Wayne, about trying new tastes

I’m going to hit the grape vodka hard. | Bryan as we realized our canoe trip was being rained out

I’m not complaining. I’m just extremely detailed. They are projecting. | Rob with the first ever haikued top.

It sounded to me like Rob had been abducted. I thought it was the old folks coming over the phone. | Dave was confused when we searched for him under the mistaken belief he had gotten misplaced.

People need to keep track of their own drinks. | Sue E. with the first ever quote taglined top.

Some kid with cancer needs new flooring. | A group of us was unclear where the lemonade stand proceeds supposedly went.

I can’t write that here. | Tommye on her Newlywed Game partner’s most annoying habit.

And the top of the tops …

I figured out how to blow without putting my lips on it. | Sharon. Possibly referring to the Funnery Sergeant whistle

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Radical Retrospects

From the Official Evaluation Form …

The Weekend tagline. A quote-whore slogan for our Souvenir Booklet and merchandising. Example: “Weekend: Your Wish is Our Regret”

People need to keep track of their own drinks. | Winner.

Deep sea diving

Together almost as long as Tommye and Wayne


Since we are in Wisconsin – Cheesy Weekend!

The canoe trip

All the fun of the Seventies without the haunting terror of imminent thermonuclear annihilation

Where the flooring is never bad

What startling revelation did you learn about one of your fellow Weekenders which you would never dare repeat in a jillion years? Feel free to name names.

On a golf course?

John and Bryan are better than ever!

Exercise after getting drunk!

Cannot repeat it now

“In a car. Before we got married.”

They are secretly breeding llamas.


Pickleball + Plan 10 things, then remove 5 + AD German Warehouse? + No rain for 2023 + Definitely include canoeing of course + Refurbished Crane preserve.


Kocktail Kontest

Sloe Gin Sparkler | Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wallbanger | YOS

The Godfather | Rob

Spicy Cedar Valley Lemonade | Sachin (Winner!)

Funnery Sergeant

Sachin | Captain Neatfreak: Mary Jo

GoH winner

Bryan | The Jokes on You joke contest

Remembrance of Hilarities Past

The Weekend Souvenir Booklet

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Out of sight odes

The Patlocked Putz

Pat was smoking his butts
The good group needed some futz
Where’s your sticker?
Can you believe his guts?
That was a kicker

                | Sue E. Malvolian of the Year

No Haiku!

Haiku: Such nonsense for a poem!
Ridiculous – I moan
Just write some verse
Make words to rhyme
Keep it simple and save time

                | Wayne (First runner up)

No comparing

Playing games with friends
Makes me feels so inept, lost
But I’m not alone

                | Tommye (Second runner up)

It’s a fact

I’m not complaining
I’m just extremely detailed
They are projecting

                | Rob

Here’s the idea
Build up hope of pie today
We can sell the signs!

                | Deb

Pat hid; Bryan found
Lunch soothed the tension quite soon
Now another hides?

                | Anon

Random Thoughts

School on hill, rain, locked!
Cows have personality
Wyoming Valley

                | MJ

Crushed and tumbled

Long last Dad? What next?
Hardened by pressures of life
I’m Roger the Rock

                | YOS

Lodge Limerick

The manly guest comes to make a pheasant hit.
For fickle us, it’s our lavish present fit.
Such rich hunting land.
A urinal, if you stand.
But hardly the place to take a quiet and pleasant … sit.

                | YOS

Is badly underrated
Can do this later

                | Mike, during the closing ceremonies

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You bet we had a hoot and a half!

The Peach Bellini Casino and Hideaway! … We topped ourselves once more, poemed, and expressed our deepest impulses. And as you’ll see in our photo album, it was a Weekend lousy with winners — and not just at the tables — including:

  • Malvolian of the Year: Alex Nazar
  • Kocktail Kontest: Jennifer, Tuaca Tuscan Spice. … Other entries: White Negroni (Bryan), 3PB (YOS), Death in the Afternoon (Wayne)
  • Gown of Humility: Fred

And we even had the media following us around this year. (Not, we hasten to add, for the ‘police reports’ page.)

The spirit of Fran lives on!

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