You bet we had a hoot and a half!

The Peach Bellini Casino and Hideaway! … We topped ourselves once more, poemed, and expressed our deepest impulses. And as you’ll see in our photo album, it was a Weekend lousy with winners — and not just at the tables — including:

  • Malvolian of the Year: Alex Nazar
  • Kocktail Kontest: Jennifer, Tuaca Tuscan Spice. … Other entries: White Negroni (Bryan), 3PB (YOS), Death in the Afternoon (Wayne)
  • Gown of Humility: Fred

And we even had the media following us around this year. (Not, we hasten to add, for the ‘police reports’ page.)

The spirit of Fran lives on!

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What our Weekenders are saying …

Tagline Suggestions:

  • Friends become family | Julie [Winner!]
  • Weekend – Ever changing, always a blast
  • Drift Less | Joe
  • Let’s do it again next year | Mick
  • A bucolic spectacle – now with more all-terrain vehicles! | A Friend.
  • Don’t count your chips before the end.
  • Let’s gamble: Addictions are great! | Fred
  • You will enjoy it a lot if you don’t get shot. | Dave
  • Rosemary – the champagne of Italy | MJ
  • The house took my money, but not my family | Alex
  • Now with septic vents! | YOS
  • Go all in if you want to go to bed. | Alex
  • The most complicated way to have fun, bar none!
  • Hot hot hot | Erik Nazar
  • Open the windows and let me in | Tommye

Before coming this Weekend, I was sure I would embarrass myself by:

  • Blocking up the “loo” | Julie
  • Saying something I’d regret
  • Overeating | Joe
  • Not knowing what we were doing | Mick
  • Not bringing everything for Saturday dinner. | Rosemary
  • Wandering from my room to the shower while underdressed. | A Friend.
  • Being the Booby – did it!
  • Not knowing how to play craps. | Fred
  • Pretty much everything. | Dave
  • Forgetting to flush the toilet. | MJ
  • Forgetting my pills and other absolutely needed stuff. | Wayne
  • Stinking up the bathroom. | Alex
  • Showing up wearing a Hawaiian shirt and hula skirt.
  • Not looking good! | Tommye
  • Sleeping around like a dime store floozy | YOS
  • Not knowing how to play. | Alex


Pizza night Friday, Mexican night, birdwatching, drumming, fire pit night, special awards for workers, September, closer to home, bags, bocce

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A Chair

I hold Papa’s chair

I sit on a chair also

Therefore I am chair

               | Erik Nazar

Malvolian of the Year

Shining Brow

On foot we travel

Learning more

On Frank Lloyd Wright tour

Much to see

In amongst the trees

Rhubarb grows

Near Midway Barn

Bugs, bugs darn

Grace was chat chat chat

Floppy hat

We learned a lot

Grace chat NOT!

               | Julie


Enjoying all the frivolities

While waiting for the whistle to blow

               It’s time to go

               We’ll never know

The surprise in the show

               | Joe

August 14th, 6am

Without an East wind

Or a West wind to pull us

We fly true North we

               | Mike


A perseid flares!

That was a seven or eight!

I didn’t see it.

               | Bryan


Cedar Valley Lodge

Has seen many folks like us

It’ll never be the same

               | Tommye

Diced Fate

Chips churn. You’re up, then

You need replaced ricotta

And trees attack you

               | YOS

Blinking Grace

Blink blink Grace blink blink

Blink blink blink blink blink blink blink

Blink blink blink blink blink

               | Julie

Weekend Fun

Casino it is

Win or lose

No time for snooze

Win or lose

Always time for booze

Win or lose

There’s always next year.

               | Julie

Drift Less

Float more! Dam it all

Taliesin, lake swimming

Driftless savannah

               | MJ

Behold our Leader

Compliments to John

Who brings together each year

Friends and family

               | Anon


Blackjack wow simple.

Craps is the easiest thing.

I just sold my pants

               | YOS

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Topping off 21

  • Who needs Deb Dicke? | Said entirely in sour-grapes jest, we assure you, as Bryan carried on the Cheese Tradition. Deb, we miss you — come back!
  • Did someone just join us? | Alex H very quietly when we realized there was one more silhouette than we expected in the darkness.
  • I’ve done this before. I should know better.
  • Moronis: The dimmest star in the constellation Dufus.
  • We may be a pharmacy right here. | Sharon, when Tommye realized she didn’t bring her pills
  • The trees started choking the prairies, encroaching. | Docent Grace
  • Art circles and spotlights? Or silos and septic vents? | Urban vs. rural perspectives perhaps.
  • I hope your favorite color isn’t blue. | Jennifer
  • Be taller!
  • He could knock a buzzard off a sh*t wagon with his smell | Traditional
  • The man in the black box made me do it. | Jennifer explaining her dancing
  • Tips! Tips! Tips!
  • Hot table
  • Where’s my bathroom?
  • You can still impeach him, by the way. | Referring to Funnery Sgt Fred on Sunday morning
  • Blink blink blink.
  • If there were a winner for place, I would have cleaned up for Kangaroo Trainer
  • The table was cold!
  • Why do they call it Little Joe?

And the Top of 21 …

  • Not to change the subject, but is that a septic field? | Jennifer
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Shore Excursions

Things to Do around the Lodge.

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The Weekend Booklet

Relive Two Decades +

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WiFiW 20: Re-Zoom the Zany

Laughs, haikus, Tops, costumes, improv, theater and raised glasses! From coast to coast, we did it all. Without having to ever gas up or wait for an available shower. And for the first time ever (that you know of), we recorded an entire Weekend so you can binge watch the highlights over and over.

  • Ku! We slammed a range of wondrous new poems and chose our Malvolian of 2020.
  • Underwear! We Topped ourselves yet again.
  • Dress Up contest winner: Jennifer!
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A continent of Ku

Our summer party
Joyful congress of fast friends
A precious treasure
| Mike

Halcyon Spring Green
Not so now the experts say
So, in Zoom we trust
| Bryan

Jigsaw (A true-ku)
Random shapes of green
Which lock together, or not
Last piece found on ass
| Andrea

What to do? What to do?
Time just flew
Here I am again
With no haiku.
| Elizabeth

‘I’m going to do whatever sounds good.’
Come, fill Solo cups.
Drooping peach boughs laugh and urge:
Bellini us now.
| YOS (With apologies to Omar Khayyam)

Bryan Debra CHEESE!
Friends family years of memories
John Hoffman, Thank You!
| Mary Jo

Shakespeare didn’t wear a mask.
Juliet said, dear why not?
I’m too macho, don’t you know.
She gave him a push.
| Tommye

The Robe of Humility
I know I did wrong
I washed it so many times
Get thee robe gone
| Rosemary

Haiku Pressure
The sun and the moon
Make me smile every day
Yay made a haiku
| April Bredy

Need a new usage
My casino tuxedo
I’ll wear it to church
| Erik

Heaven & Earth
Zoom since we are home
Fran is looking down on us.
We are together.
| Jennifer

The Perfume of Off
Sweating and freezing at once
Snoozing through Act Two
| Deb

Summer is here, yea
Cannot use pool. Damn Covid
So jump in the lake.
| Mick

Whistle Blower
Haiku emerging?
Why don’t you blow the whistle
It is disgusting
| Mike


And our Malvolian of 2020!

A family trait
Tribute to cuz Fran
I want your philosophy
Live without judging
| Lu


A post-Weekend lament …

Zoomed again today.
But it was not the same
No champagne, no zany, no hat,
There was none of that.
Math and death, oh joy!
To fly away one day.
| Elizabeth

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20 Tops: Knobs, hats, Hobs and more

It’s the obsession with cheese. | Talking about what we most miss about real-live Weekend, Elizabeth nailed it with an annual cheese-based quote.

You just woke me up. | Tommye on how she’s been doing lately.

Get thee robe gone! | From Rosemary’s brilliant haiku.

25% of the time you should be thinking about toilets. | Mike as an efficiency expert giving bad advice.

Sounds like a personal problem. | When a haiku emerges. From Sue.

A pirate festival? What?! | Explaining her costume, Deb thought we would let her just gloss over her past life.

I use it when I’m in the bathroom. | Tommye on a Fran hat she wears to protect herself from a ceiling air conditioning vent.

I like the little knob on top. | Please see Andrea’s hat.

He haikued in his pants. | When a poem just emerges. From Mike.

You can definitely see the Hob and Dick. | From Act 2, Scene 3 of Coriolanus, blended with a discussion on the shortness of our GoH. Which we will now be referring to as the “woolvish toge.” From Mike.

And our Top quote of 20 …

Eat them or put them in your underwear. | For the record, Sue was a kindergartener giving bad advice on not losing your keys.

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WiWwW: To Fran!

Saturday, July 25, 7p CST on Zoom.

What to pack for your WiWwW trip:

  • Dress Up Contest (Chest Level Up). Hilarious hat, whimsical wig, strange scarf? Just have your costume nearby when the party starts. And make sure it fits inside your screen. Fabulous prize for the winner!
  • The Play’s the Thing (for a bit). Learn the origin of the Gown of Humility through a nostalgic review and virtual reading that would probably have the Bard burning his quill pens to the ground.
  • Bellini Fran. We’ll be lifting our glasses to our favorite Weekender. The exact recipe for Bellini perfection remains a cherished secret, but this sounds pretty close: Peach Bellini Recipe

How to join. Just click this link: You’ll need a camera and mic on your device. Here’s some Zoom tips. (First-time set up takes a few minutes.) If there ends up being a glitch at party time, please check your email for further instruction.

And spread the word to anyone else up for some zany fun!

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